“As a winner, learn not to let negative comments affect you. Just treat it as firewood that feeds your fire. Soon that fire will be so big and so bright that those who criticized you will smell the smoke, even if they happen to be on the other side of the world.” – Kevin Abdulrahman

Consistent leads are crucial to the growth and sustainability of any business. Are you seeing leads go up and down every month, relying on your network and crossing your fingers that new business will somehow find its way to you?

Lead generation is hard. Without leads, your sales is going no where!

If you haven’t done corporate and/or enterprise sales before, the biggest thing to understand is you can do it. But you’re going to have to hustle. Really, really hustle!

Many business owners want the customers and leads and users to come to them. They often want to focus on the funnel, A/B testing, product development, SEO optimization etc. etc.

That’s all great and for a self-service business, that’s most of it. But for enterprise sales, you’re going to have to get your arse out of the door and go close to some real live human beings.

Here are some simple strategies and technics you can deploy to avoid disaster.

As a starting point, it’s really important to learn your prospects’ business in detail, and how your product enhances them. If this is boring to you, you will fail.

Learn how your potential customers will excel in their companies through your product. How can you help the person buying your product’s career? It’s not just about your fabulous solution.

You’re going to have to learn how to not take no for an answer, how to beg for a meeting, and how to ask for money and a check. This is really, really hard if you haven’t done this before.

1.Build an incentive-based referral system

Word-of-mouth advertising is still as important as it’s ever been—even if the ways in which people spread the good word about your company has changed with technology. If anything, referral systems have become even more useful among modern lead generation strategies, since they are easier than ever to quantify and track. The best possible thing you can do to harness the power of referrals.

One way is to sell a product or service online. Create customized referral codes for individual clients and prospects—a new client gets a discount for their first purchase and your loyal client will get a referral discount too.

This way, you’ll be able to know exactly who is sending business your way, and which leads are converting to clients. Great way to grow your business.

Finally, people don’t buy products, they buy feelings. They buy states. They buy identities.

If you can incorporate this concept of being able to identify and engage these essential building blocks allows for enhanced understanding and control of your business.

The great thing about these building blocks is that they apply and work universally with any business.

Understanding this, you can put this information to work for YOU in YOUR business!

The facts are no secret – these strategies are already known to you as a business owner. What many overlook is the cumulative impact of focused effort with clear measurable goals.

If you’d like to learn how to get more people to say YES to whatever you’re selling and achieve those record-breaking results you’re after,