Target LinkedIn Prospects, Extract Emails & Send Outbound Campaigns

Cold email may be a very useful tactic if you are looking for new customers. Why?

It’s easy – all you need is a warmed-up email address, a bunch of contacts and lots of creativity.

It doesn’t require a huge budget to start.

It allows you to pick the clients you want to work with, not the other way round.

It’s scalable – once you crack the process and fit it into your business, you can easily scale the outreach.

If you want to succeed in outbound, you need to:

define your ideal customer profile,
learn about your target group and their needs,
create a good cold email campaign, which will allow you to get their attention,
make sure you’ve prepared your email technically for the outbound outreach and
use a good sending system dedicated to outbound that takes care of high deliverability rates.

Step 1: Define who you want to target

The first step, before you even sit to write your first email, is to figure out who you should write to in the first place. What industry are they in? What kind of business are they running? What is their role in the business? Answer those, and a couple more, questions to create a profile of your ideal customer.

Here’s a guide on how to do that step by step.

Step 2: Do some research

Once you know who you want to reach out to, it’s time to get to know them better. What do they talk about? What are their goals? What are their most nagging problems? Those are the things you’re going to refer to in the copy of your email. Find them on LinkedIn, find them in Facebook groups, find them among your friends. And do some reading and talking before you tackle the writing part. Then, collect the contacts in a spreadsheet, or use a prospecting tool to help you find the right contact details. It’s not about thousands of random contacts. It’s about 100 good ones.
Step 3: Write customer-centric email copy

Step 3: Do some research

Now’s the part you’ve been waiting for. There are some rules to follow when writing cold emails. These are not newsletters. They are not official announcements. And they are not commercials! Cold email is like an email to a friend – light, casual, short, interesting. Professional, yet not dull. Intriguing, asking a question that’ll make them want to reply.

Here’s the structure of a cold email to help you out here: How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Works in 6 Steps>>

Here’s why one email is not enough: How to Send a Follow-up Email After No Response>>

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

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